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LSM presents: A Servant's Toolkit - Guide to being prepared with Laine - Lesbian Sex Mafia [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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LSM presents: A Servant's Toolkit - Guide to being prepared with Laine [Oct. 8th, 2010|02:28 pm]
Lesbian Sex Mafia

Just as with the Boy Scouts, one of the many mottoes a servant should have is “be prepared”. In this class, we discuss the principles of preparedness, working off of the Dominant’s expectations, tools in research and preparedness and example methods of preparedness for day to day, cars, special events and travel. Handouts of sample checklists and planning methods will be provided, but the focus is on building a mindset and skills to allow one to prepare for situations that may come up in service.

About Laine
Laine has been involved in the D/s and M/s community since 1996 when she began exploring submission and surrender. Since then, she has had the privilege of serving as a submissive, servant and service slave in contracts ranging from short term to multi-year. Currently in a year of personal reflection and growth, Laine has left San Francisco and travels extensively. She keeps her home base in New York City, close to her Leather Family: Sovereign House, where she functions as Family Majordomo. Laine’s love of service is an expression of her spirit, heart and soul. While expressing this, she has had the chance to train in and focus on the roles of domestic servant, chauffeur, cook, companion, ladies maid, butler and majordomo. Laine also has a great love of etiquette, service hierarchies, formal protocols, cigars, wine, and food. Power fluid, and gender fluid, Laine also enjoys being a Daddy to special little girls, and is enjoying her dominant side as well as the occasional, shockingly vanilla romantic date. Self-mastery, presence, spiritual leather and living with integrity are her aspirations and touchstones.

Where:  LGBT Center, 208 West 13th St. (7th/8th Ave)
When:  Friday, October 15, 2010; 8:00-10:00PM
Cost:  $5/LSM members, $10/Non members

LSM events are open to all women including transsexual and intersexed women who live their daily lives as women and all female-born transgender people who have a connection to and respect for the women’s community.