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Lesbian Sex Mafia presents Head Games: Playing with Emotions with Nina Love [May. 16th, 2013|07:16 pm]
Lesbian Sex Mafia
Nina Love

Join us as we examine the psychological play of consensual, non-consent and the mind. This, often controversial class, will include a demo and an intimate look at the motivations and rewards from both the top and bottom perspective. We will explore verbal humiliation and assault, sexual manipulation and rape and other ways of being just plain mean. (With Gwendolyn).

Where:  LGBT Center, 208 West 13th St. (7th/8th Ave)
When:    Friday,May 17, 2013; 8:00-10:00 PM
Cost:      $5/LSM members; $10/Non members

About Nina Love

Nina Love is a fierce femme, an educator, a freelance writer, an activist, and a Leather Woman.  A native of Baltimore, Nina splits her time between Baltimore and New York, where she is active in the Leather/BDSM community.  She is the current Mid-Atlantic Leather Woman and an active member of the Lesbian Sex Mafia (LSM) and The Eulenspiegel Society (TES) and is an Emeritus Board Member of the Baltimore Education and Social Society (BESS).  She is proud to be the Education Director for FetFest Con!  An advocate of education, play, and sex, Nina has a diverse background in Fashion and Organizational Development and has used this experience to explore identity, self expression, and communication in the Leather/BDSM lifestyles.  She is blessed to be self employed and enjoys traveling throughout the United States presenting on topics such as: Self Discovery: Finding individuality in a community of labels; Communication Skills for your Alternative Relationship; and Head Games: Playing with Emotions. Nina enjoys giving back to the community whenever she can by volunteering and presenting for events and organizations such as FetFest, Southeast Leatherfest, International Ms. Leather, Black Rose, Dark Odyssey, Leather Leadership Conference, Leather & Levis Weekend, The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom and Playhouse Studios.

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Lesbian Sex Mafia Presents “A Little of This, A Little of That” – BDSM Tastings [Apr. 18th, 2013|12:53 am]
Lesbian Sex Mafia
[Current Mood |frustratedfrustrated]

Are you new to or curious about BDSM? Or perhaps you’ve a kink curious friend or partner? Ever wondered what it was like to have rope pulled tight across your chest? To feel the sting of a cane, or the caress of a flogger? If there is a BDSM sensation that you haven’t tried, but want to… Please join us  on Friday, April 26th.  You’ll have an opportunity to “taste” several kinky activities, to include:

  • Flogging

  • Bondage

  • Caning

  • Sensory deprivation

Where:  LGBT Center, 208 West 13th St. (7th/8th Ave)
When:    Friday, April 26, 2013; 8:00-10:00PM* (Changed meeting date)
Cost:      $5/LSM members, $10/Non members

Fetlife RSVP: https://fetlife.com/events/167105

*Please note that because International Ms. Leather/Bootblack is being held during our normal meeting we have changed the meeting day.

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Lesbian Sex Mafia presents How to Play with Needles with Lolita Wolf [Mar. 7th, 2013|02:19 pm]
Lesbian Sex Mafia

When thinking of needles, most people remember of going to the doctor and getting shots. Ick! The last thing that they want to do is play with needles. But once one gets over that fear, playing with needles can be a lot of fun. Play piercing can give you a big endorphin rush. Endorphins are those sensations that your body makes to give you a natural high. Long distance runners experience a runner’s high that is very similar. Needles can leave you a different sort of breathless.

Where:  LGBT Center, 208 West 13th St. (7th/8th Ave)

When:    Friday, March 15, 2013; 8:00-10:00PM

Cost:      $5/LSM members, $10/Non members

About Lolita Wolf

Lolita Wolf discovered the BDSM scene back in the late 80′s when “online” meant being on the phone sex lines. She is an activist who defends the sexual freedom for all consenting adults, spreads the wordabout BDSM, sex and poly, and helps the community grow and flourish.Yet, her goal remains “to have fun.”

Lolita has taught hundreds of classes for organizations and events across the country, including South Plains Leatherfest, Thunder in the Mountains, Dark Odyssey, Kinkfest, Shibaricon and many others. She is well-known for a fun and entertaining style that packs a lot of information into a short class. Lolita is an Emeritus Board Member of of both TES and Leather Leadership Conference. She is a former Chair of Lesbian Sex Mafia and was an honorary member of GMSMA. She is active
with National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, Leather Pride Night and Open Love NY.

This year she is honored to be giving the keynote at IMsL and judging IML Her writing has appeared in On Our Backs, Prometheus and Rachel Kramer Bussel’s Lust Chronicles. She has authored two books : Spanking and CBT in a Nutshell and is featured in the Details of Flogging DVD. She also has a chapter in Tristan Taormino’s The Ultimate Guide To Kink. She has also appeared in the New York Times One in 8 Million series: http://is.gd/RIbuhN. Her website can be found at http://leatheryenta.com/
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Lesbian Sex Mafia presents International Ms. Bootblack KD on “Giving Good Chair” [Mar. 14th, 2012|10:57 pm]
Lesbian Sex Mafia
International Ms. Bootblack K.D.

You’ve attended a “Bootblacking 101” class, or two. You’ve sat down with your Daddy and learned the basics of a spit shine. You’ve interrogated your bootblack friends about what Huberd’s really is. Or maybe you haven’t done any of these things. Regardless of what you know about the process of bootblacking itself–the technicalities, if you will–this workshop won’t cover any of those things. This workshop will cover the nature of “giving good chair” in three parts: 1. The Basics, 2. Upping the Ante, 3. Fucking Without Sex. Start off by learning how to be  attentive and a great conversationalist; move on to engage in sensual physical contact; and leave them wanting more with boot worship.

Where: The LGBT Center, 208 West 13th St. (7th/8th Ave), NYC
When: Friday, March 16 , 2012; 8:00-10:00PM
Cost: LSM Members: $5/Non Members: $10

About K.D.

kd, International Ms Bootblack 2011, is equal parts bootblack to artist. The very nature of leathercare, leather worship, and leather community are all similar and connected to the core of being an artist. kd uses her art as a platform for conversation and education, and similarly uses her bootblacking as a means to support her community, open up dialogues about leather, and get her hands good and dirty. kd is also the creator of SALACIOUS, a queer feminist anti-racist sex magazine, looks to meld high art, stunning visuals, and written erotica. www.salaciousmagazine.com.
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Lesbian Sex Mafia presents Leather Storytelling with Sassafras Lowery [Dec. 6th, 2011|05:10 pm]
Lesbian Sex Mafia

Leather Storytelling is about taking ownership of why we find solace, and pleasure in the things that we do, and coming out of the shadows to make our voices heard. This workshop is designed for all variety of folks who find leather to be a driving force in their lives regardless of context or dynamic(s). The workshop is not specifically about writing porn/erotica though of course sexually explicit themes are welcome, but rather this is focused on telling the stories of our dynamics, of our communities, and of ourselves. Leather Storytelling is focused on exploring what it means to tell our stories when as leather folk we are often silenced, and pushed out of even the most progressive spaces who deem us as inappropriate or obscene. Through guided writing exercises, workshop participants will discover the transformative power of storytelling and how it can be used to break down divides, foster and preserve community, and build coalitions within leather community and beyond.

Let's celebrate the holidays with a kinky grab bag ($5/max per item) and some light refreshments!

Where: LGBT Center, 208 West 13th St. (7th/8th Ave)
When: Friday, December 16, 2011; 8:00-10:00PM
Cost: LSM Members: Free admission with grab bag gift ($5 max). Non-members: $5 with grab bag gift.

About Sassafras Lowrey

Sassafras Lowrey is an internationally award-winning storyteller, author, artist, and educator. Ze is the editor of the Kicked Out anthology, which brought together the voices of current and former homeless LGBTQ youth. Hir prose has been included in numerous anthologies and ze regularly teaches LGBTQ storytelling workshops at colleges and conferences across the country. Sassafras and hir Daddy live in Brooklyn with two dogs and two cats. To learn more about Sassafras and hir work, visit www.PoMoFreakshow.com
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NYC's 28th Annual Leather Pride Night [Jun. 6th, 2011|01:19 pm]
Lesbian Sex Mafia

The 28th annual Leather Pride Night Auction will take place on Saturday, June 18th, 2011. This year the festivities will be at Arena, 135 West 41 Street. Arena’s doors will open for LPN at 6:00 PM and the auction will run from 7 PM until 10:00 PM. Liquor, beer, wine and soft drinks will be provided at a cash bar. A sign language interpreter will be present and sign the announcements throughout the evening. This year, as every year, there will be a team of bootblacks to keep your boots and shoes looking sharp. We encourage everyone to come early to view the items up for auction, get your boots blacked, and be seen! Jo Arnone, LPN’s veteran auctioneer, will preside over almost a hundred items being auctioned, including leather and latex fetish clothing, unique toys and equipment, art objects, event passes and tickets, and much more.

There is no photography or cellular telephone photography allowed at the event.

LPN Sponsors

Leather Pride Night is sponsored by nine NYC S&M-leather- fetish organizations: Imperial Court of New York, Iron Guard BC, Lesbian Sex Mafia, MAsT Metro NY, MetroBearsNY, New York boys of Leather, Pariah’s MC, The Eulenspiegel Society, ONYX New York, and many committed individuals.


Where: Arena, 135 W. 41st Street (bet 6th and Broadway)
Cost: $15 in advance;  $20 at the door

Facebook RSVP: http://on.fb.me/kurSvw

Fetlife RSVP: http://fetlife.com/events/53496

2011 Beneficiaries

Over the years, Leather Pride Night has donated over $300,000 for local and national charities. This year, Leather Pride Night will donate the 2011 Auction proceeds to: Trinity Place, The Carter – Johnson Library, and Youth Enrichment Services (Y.E.S.) and as is customary, annual donations to Heritage of Pride, the producer of New York’s annual Pride Parade and The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom.


Tickets for Leather Pride Night are $15 in advance, and $20 at the door. Paypal payment is available at the LPN website www.leatherpridenight.org. Tickets can also be obtained at any of the sponsoring organizations or the beneficiary organizations, as well as the following supporting commercial venues: David Samuel Menkes Custom Leatherwear, Dom Sub Friends@ Paddles, Purple Passion / DV8, The Leather Man, Passional, Come Again, and Le Chateau Exotique.


Would you like to be a volunteer at the 28th annual Leather Pride Night in NYC?

Most volunteer slots are only one hour which is a short time for a four hour event. Volunteering enhances your experience of LPN ands gives you a chance to be part of the action and to meet people. In addition, this year, all volunteers will receive an LPN 2011 Volunteer cloisonne pin. These pins are earned, not sold. A real status symbol! See available volunteering slots here.

About Leather Pride Nighta

The Leather Pride Night Committee is dedicated to promoting freedom of sexual self-expression, and actively works to improve the image and understanding of S/m and fetish lifestyles. It meets on the first Thursday of the month (October through June) at 8:00 PM at the LGBT Center, 208 West 13th Street. If you want to volunteer, please contact LPNnyc@aol.com.

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Normally we have a party instead of a workshop in December - but this year we're going to have both! [Dec. 8th, 2010|05:54 pm]
Lesbian Sex Mafia

Special Workshop: Touch a Touch a Touch a Touch me - Sensation Play! with Shanna Katz

When: Sat, December 11, 3pm – 5pm

Where: The LGBT Center, 208 W 13th St (7th/8th Ave), NYC

Cost: LSM member: $5; Non-members $10

Touch a Touch a Touch a Touch me - Sensation Play! Sensation play includes everything from soft and fluffy (ticklers and fur), temperature play (hot wax and ice cubes), sharp things (vampire gloves and knives), and thuddy things (paddles and fists), to tactile textures against the softest skin, and more!. Learn some of the ins and outs of sensation play; exploring all types of sensations, the tools that make them, and how to create a hot scene using them in this hands on workshop.

Join us for a sensational evening!

About Shanna Katz

Shanna Katz is a feisty sexuality educator, relationship counselor and writer currently based in the Southwest, who believes in savvy sex ed for passionate people. From topics like vaginal fisting to non-monogamy, and oral sex to how sexuality and dis/ability intersect, she talks, writes and teaches about the huge spectrum of sexuality. Called "the younger, hipper, Dr. Ruth," she's using her Master’s of Sexuality Education to provide accessible, open-source sex education to people around the country, and is currently working with Fascinations to bring sex educators, kinksters and teachers to educate in the Southwest as well as online. Her passions include educating about sex and disability, sex toys, gender, LGBTQ issues and helping people embrace their own sexuality.

LSM Holiday Social

When: Sat, December 18, 4pm – 7pm

Where: The Stonewall Inn, 53 Christopher Street and Sheridan Square, 2nd Floor (NYC)

Cost: Free with a $10 wrapped sexy, kinky or pervertible grab bag gift. Remember those who bring a gift, leave with a gift.

Bend over kinky Santa’s knee, see what you can pull out of the XXX-mas grab bag, make new friends under the mistletoe or just socialize with friends old and new! Light refreshments will be served.

See our Calendar for more upcoming events
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LSM Presents: Surviving Corporal 101 with Boymeat [Nov. 5th, 2010|04:17 pm]
Lesbian Sex Mafia

Meeting open to all genders

Presented by Lesbian Sex Mafia

How to Handle the Physical and Emotional Effects: Pain is a very complicated thing, and creates a myriad of responses in the body. There is the physical side (Ow, fuck! Jeez, how can he take that!) Then there are the emotional effects; the multitude of emotions and thoughts that go through one’s head through pain. Processing pain, while so simply stated in this world, is actually quite difficult at times. In this class we will talk about how to handle the pain both inside and out. We will explore why we endure it, where it takes us and what we can get out of it.

Date:  Fri, November 19, 8pm – 10pm (In the spirit of community, it is an LSM tradition to open up our November meeting to all genders.)
Location: The LGBT Center, 208 W 13th St, NY
Cost:  LSM member: $5;  Non-members $10 

About Boymeat

Boymeat, is a 31-year-old native New Yorker.

Discovering The Eulenspiegel Society (TES) at the age of 19, he quickly became an active participant and presenter in the New York SM scene. A former TES board member, he also holds memberships with the Gay Male SM Activists (GMSMA), the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) and the Leather Archives & Museum. He is also an associate member of the New York boys of Leather and active with New York’s Leather Pride Night Committee.

Best known for his outreach to the younger members of our community, he co-created the concept of The Next Generation (TNG), specialized groups serving young adults between the ages of 18 and 35 who are interested in SM. Boymeat was the co-founder of both TES-TNG and GMSMA-TNG, groups that helped kick off the national TNG movement. He also helped organize the first 3 national TNG conferences – Chickenstock in 1999, Second Coming in 2002, and TNG3: BDSM in the Big City in 2003. He has presented on TNG and other issues at multiple Leather Leadership Conferences.

Known as a SM educator, he has taught at almost every major educational event in the United States. He has taught SM, role play, fetishes, and relationships at TES Fest, Black Rose, South Plains Leather Fest, Dungeon 701-901, Portland Kinkfest, and many others. He has also been asked to teach to students at New York University and Columbia University. Finally, he presented keynote speeches at SM Odyssey’s Folsom Fringe 2007, Rio Grande Leather 2007, and TNG4: Bound for the Bay in 2008.

Boymeat is honored to have experience on the title circuit as a judge both at Ms. World Leather 2006 and South East Leatherfest 2007. In addition, he appreciates the chutzpah it takes to run for a title, having run for Gotham Leatherman 2000. His latest and greatest honor has been being asked to serve as Tallymaster at International Mr. Leather 2008.

A bisexual, polyamourous switch, with a penchant for foot fetishism, incest role play and piss play, Boymeat is rumored to be the quite the sadist. An aspirational handcuff collector and leather history slut, he is the man who nerve.com said “makes the Marquis de Sade look like Pat Boone.”

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LSM presents: A Servant's Toolkit - Guide to being prepared with Laine [Oct. 8th, 2010|02:28 pm]
Lesbian Sex Mafia

Just as with the Boy Scouts, one of the many mottoes a servant should have is “be prepared”. In this class, we discuss the principles of preparedness, working off of the Dominant’s expectations, tools in research and preparedness and example methods of preparedness for day to day, cars, special events and travel. Handouts of sample checklists and planning methods will be provided, but the focus is on building a mindset and skills to allow one to prepare for situations that may come up in service.

About Laine
Laine has been involved in the D/s and M/s community since 1996 when she began exploring submission and surrender. Since then, she has had the privilege of serving as a submissive, servant and service slave in contracts ranging from short term to multi-year. Currently in a year of personal reflection and growth, Laine has left San Francisco and travels extensively. She keeps her home base in New York City, close to her Leather Family: Sovereign House, where she functions as Family Majordomo. Laine’s love of service is an expression of her spirit, heart and soul. While expressing this, she has had the chance to train in and focus on the roles of domestic servant, chauffeur, cook, companion, ladies maid, butler and majordomo. Laine also has a great love of etiquette, service hierarchies, formal protocols, cigars, wine, and food. Power fluid, and gender fluid, Laine also enjoys being a Daddy to special little girls, and is enjoying her dominant side as well as the occasional, shockingly vanilla romantic date. Self-mastery, presence, spiritual leather and living with integrity are her aspirations and touchstones.

Where:  LGBT Center, 208 West 13th St. (7th/8th Ave)
When:  Friday, October 15, 2010; 8:00-10:00PM
Cost:  $5/LSM members, $10/Non members

LSM events are open to all women including transsexual and intersexed women who live their daily lives as women and all female-born transgender people who have a connection to and respect for the women’s community.
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LSM Presents: Fishnets and Furry Handcuffs: The Perception of Kink in Popular Culture with Leila [Jul. 14th, 2010|06:27 pm]
Lesbian Sex Mafia

Where: LGBT Center, 208 West 13th St. (7th/8th Ave)
When: Friday, July 16, 2010; 8:00-10:00PM
Cost: $5/LSM members, $10/Non members

What happens when kink becomes commodified?

This presentation explores how contemporary popular culture portrays BDSM (for better or for worse) and what happens when kink comes out of the dungeon and on to prime time. From “Wonder Woman” to “Family Guy”, kink has been a part of our cultural vocabulary for decades. We’ll take a look at and talk about how kink has effected the media and how the media effects us.

About Leila

Leila is a graphic designer who has worked in corporate branding for the past 15 years, but has been a pervert for far longer than that. Her blog Kink+Culture is devoted to the exploration of BDSM in art, design, and popular culture. She has presented at Kink For All NYC and has been active in the New York BDSM scene for about 3 years. When she’s not making the world a more beautiful place one logo at a time, she gets hit with stuff for fun.
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