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Lesbian Sex Mafia presents Leather Storytelling with Sassafras Lowery [Dec. 6th, 2011|05:10 pm]
Lesbian Sex Mafia

Leather Storytelling is about taking ownership of why we find solace, and pleasure in the things that we do, and coming out of the shadows to make our voices heard. This workshop is designed for all variety of folks who find leather to be a driving force in their lives regardless of context or dynamic(s). The workshop is not specifically about writing porn/erotica though of course sexually explicit themes are welcome, but rather this is focused on telling the stories of our dynamics, of our communities, and of ourselves. Leather Storytelling is focused on exploring what it means to tell our stories when as leather folk we are often silenced, and pushed out of even the most progressive spaces who deem us as inappropriate or obscene. Through guided writing exercises, workshop participants will discover the transformative power of storytelling and how it can be used to break down divides, foster and preserve community, and build coalitions within leather community and beyond.

Let's celebrate the holidays with a kinky grab bag ($5/max per item) and some light refreshments!

Where: LGBT Center, 208 West 13th St. (7th/8th Ave)
When: Friday, December 16, 2011; 8:00-10:00PM
Cost: LSM Members: Free admission with grab bag gift ($5 max). Non-members: $5 with grab bag gift.

About Sassafras Lowrey

Sassafras Lowrey is an internationally award-winning storyteller, author, artist, and educator. Ze is the editor of the Kicked Out anthology, which brought together the voices of current and former homeless LGBTQ youth. Hir prose has been included in numerous anthologies and ze regularly teaches LGBTQ storytelling workshops at colleges and conferences across the country. Sassafras and hir Daddy live in Brooklyn with two dogs and two cats. To learn more about Sassafras and hir work, visit www.PoMoFreakshow.com